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50 Food Hacks You Should Know

50 Food Hacks You Should Know

You're probably aware that cooking your meal is a healthier choice than eating out. It's not always easy but you’ll learn along the way. We've rounded up 50 time-saving food hacks to make cooking easier and more fun! 

With just a few simple steps, you can save time, money, and food. Here are some useful food hacks that are beneficial for everyone, regardless of skill level. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 50 food hacks you should know.


1 Dried-out Pizza

Has your leftover pizza dried out? No worries! You can easily revive it by microwaving it with a mug of water. As the water evaporates, it fills the microwave with moisture, which rehydrates the dry crust and gives your cheesy pizza another chance. Craving pizza? Order now and get it delivered within 30 minutes.

2 Storing Herbs

The secret behind making your herbs stay fresh is to trim the stems and place them in a small glass of water. Place a plastic bag over top and secure it by tying a string around the bag. Store the glass in the fridge for up to two weeks. Stock up on your herbs!

3 Scoop Out Seeds

Ice cream scoops have multiple uses. You can use it to remove seeds from vegetables like squash and pumpkin. The sharp edge of the scoop makes it easy to cut through the fibrous part of the vegetable way better than a regular spoon.

4 Cool Drinks

Chill your soda and beer faster by wrapping wet paper towels around them before placing them in the freezer. Alternatively, you can also immerse the bottle in ice water with a small handful of salt and turn it every few minutes.

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5 Sticky Cheese

Grated cheese can be very annoying to clean up as it tends to stick to the grater. To avoid this, just spritz your cheese grater with cooking spray. 

6 Get More Juice

Microwave a lemon for 7-10 seconds. Then, roll the lemon back and forth under your palm on the counter. This way, when you squeeze, you’ll get more juice from the lemon with way less effort. Our store has fresh lemons that’ll bring out the citrus flavour in all your culinary dishes.

7 Hulling Strawberries

Insert a drinking straw into the tip of the berry and push it through to the other end to quickly remove the stem. This tip comes in handy when making any classic strawberry dish. 

8 Balance Acidic Sauce

Has your tomato sauce gotten too acidic? Simply add a carrot to balance it out. All you have to do is peel the whole carrot and allow it to simmer in the sauce. Remember to take out the carrot before serving! This will also give your sauce a subtle sweetness.

9 Freeze Roots

Place freshly cut ginger roots in a plastic container or resealable bag and freeze it. This will avoid your roots from getting dry and shriveled.

10 Waffle Iron Hash Brown

Make the perfect hash brown using your waffle iron. This not only gives you that golden brown colour but also saves a lot of time.

11 Stale Bread

Run some water over stale bread and heat it in the oven to make it fresh and crunchy. You can also wrap it in a damp towel before microwaving it. Is your bread too stale to revive? Fresh bread is just one click away!

12 Edible Bowls

Melt some chocolate into a bowl and dip an inflated balloon in it so that the chocolate sticks all around it in a semicircular shape. Allow it to cool and then pop the balloon. You have created your very own edible chocolate bowls to serve your dessert in! 

13 Poached Eggs

Make perfect poached eggs by soaking the eggs in white vinegar for several minutes before breaking them open. This will ensure the egg whites maintain a consistent shape while boiling. 

14 Apple and Baked Goodies

Baked foods tend to get dry and don't taste so good. An easy way to avoid this is to store them in a plastic container with a slice of apple. The apple helps preserve moisture and your treats will stay yummy longer than usual.

15 Frozen Herb Mixture

Do you like to add fresh herbs to your meals? Follow these simple steps - chop them up, put them in an ice cube tray, cover them in olive oil, and freeze them. Just drop a cube in and enjoy your next meal.

16 Healthy Pancakes

Enjoy your favourite pancakes without compromising on your health! You can substitute the regular ingredients with protein powder, almond milk, oat flour, different fruits, and other healthy foods. 

17 Precise Cutting

Sometimes, cutting cakes or rolls can get messy. Try using a string of dental floss to cut them instead of a knife. It will result in quick and precise cuts.

18 Beetroot Brownies

Adding cooked and grated beetroot to your chocolate cakes and brownies will give your desserts an extra layer of flavour and create a moist texture. Another bonus is that it adds some healthy nutrients to your favourite treats.

19 Froth Milk

Craving a barista-style cappuccino? Here’s an easy way to make the perfect froth from the comfort of your home. Fill a jar halfway with milk, screw on the lid and shake. Once foamy, remove the lid and microwave on full power for 30 seconds. Your froth should double in size and provide the perfect topping for your coffee. Experience the rich coffee flavour with every mug.

20 Egg Muffins

Egg muffins are an ideal meal and can be made with simple ingredients. Chop up ham, red pepper, onion, or mushrooms, lightly fry then place a spoonful into a greased or lined muffin tin. Mix eggs with a little milk, pour over the mix, and bake for around 20 minutes in a hot oven until golden and cooked through.

21 Multipurpose Pizza Cutter

Your pizza cutter is perfect for cutting herbs in any direction. Simply bunch up the herbs and wheel the cutter back and forth until you’ve reached your desired consistency. It also saves a lot of prepping time.

22 Fix Your Salty Soup

Oversalted your soup? Don’t worry, just add in a few slices of raw apple or potato. Simmer for 10 minutes and remove the slices to get the flavor back to normal.

23 Bakery-Style Cookies

First, arrange your cookies on the baking sheet. Then place the cutter over each cookie as a frame and carefully add sprinkles or colored sugar. Bake as you normally would and your bakery-style cookies are ready and presentable straight from the oven.

24 Instant Cocktail

Turn your boring bottle of wine into a fizzy cocktail. Just pour wine over ice and top it with sparkling water. You can also add fresh fruit as a garnish for a fancy touch. Do check out our excellent collection of wine.

25 Mess-Free Melting

Butter always leaves behind a mess in the oven. Here’s a simple trick to avoid the splatter, simply cover the microwave container with the butter wrapper.

26 Slice Like A Pro

To avoid your desserts from crumbling while plating try this simple hack. Dip the blade of your sharp knife in hot water to heat it. Then wipe with a dry towel and cut your cake or cheesecake into nice, tidy slices. Repeat each time for pretty slices with a clean edge.

27 Stop Stirring PB

Don’t mix the oil back into your natural peanut butter. Instead, store your jar upside-down. To use, just turn it right-side up. The oil will try to rise back to the top and the peanut butter will be much easier to stir. 

28 Frozen Rolls

Make your frozen rolls seem homemade with this handy tip. Thaw, then brush the tops with egg wash and dip into your choice of seasoning blends, seeds, or cheese. Be as gentle or generous as you’d like and bake as you normally would.

29 Cool Ice Cream

Keep your ice cream from melting by wrapping the container in plastic bubble wrap. It acts as a powerful insulator and your ice cream will stay firm. Having a movie night? Enjoy binge-watching with your favourite ice cream flavours!

30 Air Fryer Food

To get that perfect golden colour, add a quick spritz of cooking oil to your food before placing it in the air fryer basket. Now, you can enjoy your favourite crispy golden treats without the extra grease that comes from regular frying.

31 Freeze Single-Serving Sauces

Egg cartons are ideal for freezing small portions of homemade sauce. Cover and freeze leftover sauce and transfer cubes to a resealable freezer bag. To use, thaw cubes in your fridge for 2 hours.

32 Slice Steak Wedges

You can make classy potato wedges at home! Cut one end of the potato for balance and use your apple cutter to get that perfect wedge. Add the seasoning of your choice and enjoy.

33 Soft Cookies

To keep cookies and other baked goods soft after baking, add a slice of store-bought white bread to an airtight container. This will ensure that your cakes, cookies, and muffins keep their day-one softness.

34 Less Fat Meatballs

Drain away any excess fat while baking by placing the meatballs on a baking rack. The extra fat drips away, and you’ll retain that browned, caramelized exterior you love!

35 No-Fuss Fish

Cooking fish in parchment is a healthy, mess-free technique that seals in flavor. As you bake the packet, the fish is delicately infused with whatever ingredients you add in.

36 Shredding Chicken

Did you know you can shred chicken with your stand mixer’s paddle attachment? Just add your leftover chicken, give it a spin and your shredded chicken is ready to create your favourite dishes.

37 Tender and Juicy Meatloaf

We all love a good meatloaf, but sometimes an all-beef mix can leave you with a coarse, gritty texture. Instead, try a beef-pork mix as pork is a fattier meat. This combo will result in a much softer texture.

38 Upgrade Your Butter

Make your very own flavoured butter at home by adding lemon juice and herbs to a softened stick. You can get creative by laying the softened butter on a square of parchment and molding it into a log shape. Twist the ends to seal it and freeze for later use.

39 Overripe Bananas

Got overripe bananas? Don’t throw them away! Instead, you can bake your favourite banana bread with them. Overripe bananas are best for use in baking as they're sweeter and easier to mash into batter. 

40 Cool Caffeinated Coffee

This simple tip is for iced coffee lovers who don't want their favourite beverage watered down. Brew and pour fresh coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze them. Add the frozen coffee cubes to cold brew or iced coffee, or blend them with milk to make an iced latte.

41 Scoop Your Meatballs

Say goodbye to sticky fingers and misshapen meatballs! Next time, use your ice cream scoop to portion your minced meat mixture to get the perfect sphere every time.

42 Hedgehog Mango

A quick way to prep mangoes without wasting any is to cut the mango in half on each side of the seed, slice a grid pattern into each half, and invert the fruit. Then slice off the cubes and enjoy!

43 Soy Sauce and Popcorn

Add flavour to your favourite movie snack by blending soy sauce with melted butter. Pour it onto plain popcorn for a savoury treat.

44 Quick-Cook Bacon

A quicker way to cook your favourite breakfast meat is by using your microwave. Lay a paper towel on a plate and put strips of bacon on top. Ensure that pieces are not touching one another. Then, cover with another paper towel and cook for around fifteen minutes at about 200°C (400°F). Transfer the cooked bacon to another paper towel for a few moments to absorb some grease. Allow it to cool and serve!

45 Soggy Sandwiches

Reduce the amount of liquid seeping out from ingredients such as sliced tomato or cucumber by placing them between two pieces of kitchen paper for five minutes. This will soak up any excess moisture before they're added to sandwiches. It’s also a good idea to spread butter, cheese, or mayo onto the bread first as this will become a barrier against soggier ingredients.

46 Cake Fails

We have all had a baking mishap or two. Get creative by turning your crumbling cake pieces into something else like cake pops, trifles, or anything of your choice.

47 Mug Cakes

Save time with this quick one-minute snack! Mug cakes have gained prominence among cake-lovers for their quick cooking time. All you have to do is add the ingredients directly into the mug and stir until they’re mixed. Then place it in the microwave for a minute and your dessert is ready to enjoy! You can experiment with the ingredients and try new flavours.

48 Poached Eggs

You don't have to master the 'gentle whirlpool' to make yourself a decent poached egg. Make poached eggs the easy way using the cling film method. Lay a piece of cling film in a bowl, lightly oil the inside, and crack in an egg. Tie the ends of the cling film tightly on top. Add to boiling water for two to four minutes, depending on the size of the egg and how soft you want it. 

49 Reuse The Pasta Water

Don’t drain your pasta water! Lift the pasta and mix it into the sauce on low flame. While the flavours are mingling, add a ladle of the pasta water. It will add a silky texture to the sauce.

50 Orange Juice Marinade

Freshly squeezed orange juice pairs brilliantly with chicken in marinades with ginger, honey, spring onions, and a touch of chilli.

Hacks make our lives easier and add an element of fun. Try these easy and proven food hacks to make food preparation easier, faster, and more efficient. We hope these tips come in handy! Do you have a food hack we missed? Do share it with us!

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