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We can all sometimes be careless when browsing or shopping online. After our recent experience, we thought we’d write this blog to share some tips and tricks to help you stay safe!

Last month, we had the terrible ordeal of being targeted in a cyber attack. Unfortunately, due to this attack, we lost all of our social media accounts.

Although we are sad to lose our accounts and the hard work that the Pace team has put into building this wonderful community, our customers always remain our top priority. We are therefore happy to announce that due to the quick actions of the Pace team, none of our customer data was affected. 

Especially in this difficult time we feel we have to stick to our values, and one of those values is transparency. Therefore, we felt we owed it to you to let you know what happened.

We are continuing to monitor this situation and we remain in close contact with Meta. We will of course keep you updated of any developments, however, it appears for now that this experience is behind us. 

It’s now time to focus on the future and building our community again. Luckily this time we don’t have to start from zero, because we have you! We are extremely grateful for your support and we are looking forward to bringing you more great content, deals and discounts in the near future. 

All you need to do is follow our new accounts @gopaceit

In the meantime let’s spread the positivity and all try to be just a little safer online:


1. Do not share your passwords with anyone

We know this can be difficult when sharing networks or devices with loved ones. Only share your passwords when strictly necessary and only with people you trust.


2. Pay attention to your inbox

When you receive an email from an unknown source, you should always avoid clicking on any attachments or links, and do not respond to the email. It’s best to send these emails directly to the spam folder.


3. Use a known Wi-Fi network

Although it’s convenient to connect to networks in bars, shopping centres and coffee shops, you have to bear in mind that these networks are usually not very secure. It’s often possible for others on these networks to access your data. Therefore, you should try to avoid using public networks, especially when using sensitive data, such as online banking.


4. Try to use a password manager

Using the same password for multiple sites might make remembering your password easier, however, it also makes life easier for hackers! If your login and password data gets hacked, or exposed on just one website then hackers (or other suspicious types!) will be able to access all of your accounts. That's why it's essential to create unique and strong passwords for every website, and password managers will help you do just this. 


5. Keep your antivirus updated

Android, Windows, Mac... Whenever you’re online it is essential you have your device secure and updated. Hackers are creating new and novel methods of attack for every device, so having an antivirus program is essential to protect you online.


6. Do not give out your geolocation information

Geolocation means obtaining the physical location of a given object at a given time. Smartphones, are almost permanently connected to the internet, and this means we can be geolocated most of the time, but only if we give permission! The perfect gift for a hacker don’t you think?


7. Be smart when using social media networks

It may sound basic, but when using social media lets remember to use our heads! Be careful when posting data about where you are, who you’re with, and for how long. Never provide personal information, such as bank accounts, passwords or other compromising data.


8. Use Adblock

Adblock is the perfect browser extension to block malicious ads.


9. Buy online, but with precautions

When you make a purchase over the Internet, make sure that the url of the site matches the website you are expecting to purchase from. Make sure the address begins with https. and don't forget to review their privacy policy.

And the most important advice when buying online…


 10. Shop with companies you trust, like Pace :)

Let’s spread the positivity and stay safe online.

See you at @GOPACEIT!

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Theme what you eat with Pace