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Heinz Strawberry and Banana Biscotti 7m+ 60g

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Baby & toddlerBaby mealsAll baby mealsHeinz Strawberry and Banana Biscotti 7m+ 60g

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£1.25 / 100g


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Reduced sugar strawberry & banana flavoured finger biscuits.

Gentle crunch, soft in little mouths

Six strawberry and banana flavoured finger biscuits

Contains 8 key vitamins and minerals

No artificial colours or preservatives

Looking for a tasty snack your little one will love? Packed full of flavour, our Heinz So Yummy Strawberry & Banana Biscotti are made in Italy to our own unique recipe. With a gentle crunch which softens easily in little mouths. Now baked with 30% less sugar.

Our baby biscuits don't just taste delicious, they also have 8 key vitamins and minerals.

Now baked with less sugar*
*Made with 30% less sugar compared to Heinz Golden Multigrain Biscotti