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Domestos Power 5 Toilet Rim Block Lime x1 55g

Domestos Power 5 Lime toilet blocks clean and freshen your toilet with full power for up to 300 flushes
Power 5 rim blocks release a fresh, long-lasting lime fragrance, flush after flush
Our Lime toilet rim blocks pair well with Domestos Original Thick Bleach that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
This powerful toilet rim block protects your family against germs, leaving your toilet hygienically clean, fresh and shiny
Domestos Power 5 Lime Toilet Rim Blocks offer 5 powerful benefits in one: hygiene, long-lasting fragrance, limescale prevention, rich foam, and a shiny toilet
Domestos means more than toilet cleaners – we protect families worldwide fighting poor sanitation and helping them gain access to clean and safe toilets