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Nutella Chocolate Spread 750g

Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa

A unique recipe featuring a smooth texture and an unmistakable hazelnut and cocoa taste

NUTELLA®, a loved brand; its unbeatable taste and the pleasurable experience it offers are guaranteed by a unique recipe, prepared with seven carefully selected ingredients.
For 50 years NUTELLA® has provided families all over the world the pleasure of a tasty breakfast.
You can enjoy your breakfast in so many ways with the unique taste and versatility of NUTELLA®

7 ingredients, no hydrogenated fats, no preservatives, no colorings
We are committed to a responsible sourcing of our ingredients protecting the environment and improving the livelihood of farmers and their communities. Read more on our actions and partners
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One heaped teaspoon (15g) is a delicious way to start your day.